BRING ASSAD TO THE HAGUE! For a free and democratic Syria!!

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The worst war in recent history has caused about 400.000 victims and 1 million refugees up to now. As the Bosnian war twenty years ago, the Syrian conflict is not a “civil war”, it is a war against the citizens, a methodical slaughter of Syrian people that has been triggered off and carried out by Bashar al-Assad, a dictator who’s ready to do everything to stay in power.
We, the Italians and Europeans; we, the citizens of the world; we, the organizations for the defence of human and civil rights say ENOUGH! We’ve had enough of silence, enough of indifference, enough of resignation. We’ve had enough of a realpolitik strategy that has contributed to destroy a whole Country.
The Syrian bloody dictatorship must end, avoiding to leave Syria in the hands of cutthroats and terrorists. Syrian citizens have the right to live in democracy and to choose their government through free elections.
Assad and all the other war criminals, coming both from the side of the regime and from the side of the opposition, shall be brought to the International Criminal Court in The Hague and be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. An assets freeze shall be applied to President Assad and other individuals or groups that are suspected to be involved in the planning or execution of international crimes. Never before has the motto “No peace without justice” had such a great value for Syria and the whole world.

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